September Favorites


after a week full of study I finally have time to write my new post. this is my first ‘month favorites’ and I’m pretty excited. beyond product I bought and used a lots the last month, I will include in this post my favorite songs and the food I tried for the first time and I liked a lots. so let’s start


I cannot not open the post with my amazing Céline Sunglasses,I wear almost everyday, I love the shape and how they look on my face, I adore the thing that they are so big and they cover my face on sleepy morning.


the pics not does just to my favorite earrings from Vivienne Westwood. the thing I love the most is the fact that they are very small but made with attention to the smallest details


maybe they’re not the most stylish pair of shoes, but I swear they are the most comfy adidas I have ever owned, the detail in black are my favorites. I suggest you to wear with a little cuff on your trousers especially if they are black. buy it.


a very different pair of shoes from the one above but I really appreciate this pair of Windsor Smith, the heel is not very tall and the platform make them even more comfy, I used them a lot the last month to go to party, they make the outfit very cool and the straps make it more elegant, I love the leather of this shoes.


I buy a lot of stationery during the last month due to my passion for drawing but this one is unique, I can’t stop looking at it, this one is from an asian shop. the print of the drawing is amazing, and the female figures on the Pegasus make me emotion.


This Lush toner is the only thing that make me wake up the morning, the rose water is perfect to soothe the skin. I suggest you to use it after used a mask (obv a lush one)


Dirty is the first shower gel I bought from lush, it belongs to the new arrivals. I already know the fragrance of this product because I use the Dirty body spray.  beyond to the refreshing action it does even a scrub thank to the sea salt. If you hurry you can also use it as a good shampoo

Favourite song & video

Favorite food



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